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Dr. Anita R. Smith, MD at 2255 Cumberland Parkway Southeast #1400a in Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Anita R. Smith, MD is healthcare, which located in Georgia. They address is 2255 Cumberland Parkway Southeast #1400a.
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Phone: +1 770-955-9477


2255 Cumberland Parkway Southeast #1400a,
Atlanta, Georgia
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Customer Reviews about Dr. Anita R. Smith, MD

  • By far the best doctor I have been to. She is descriptive and informative and tells me like it is! She doesn't leave any information out and answers all of my questions, no matter how far out there they are. I have migraines and she provided me with a prescription and a diet plan that I could try to help! I feel very comfortable talking to her. I have also seen Dr. Cruiser and she is wonderful as well! I will continue to go here! :)
    November 17, 2017
    by Morgan Crider
  • Wonderful Doctor! I was patient for Dr. Smith about 7 years ago. I lost my job when I was pregnant and I moved so I wasn't a patient for many years. During the time frame that I lost my job without insurance she was still very helpful and caring. This is Dr. who takes her time to actually listen to you and your concerns. I moved back 2 years ago and called as soon as I could to scheduled an appt. so that I could be her patient again. If you are a new patient , yes there is a long wait time, however, she is well worth it.
    March 08, 2017
    by Kisha Smith
  • Such a great doctor! Genuinely interested in helping me with a lot of difficult to treat symptoms. One of the only doctors I have who actually listens and wants to learn more about my conditions.
    March 02, 2017
    by Catherine Stelling
  • Wonderful PCP. Dr. Smith always takes time to listen to my concerns, thoroughly explain and answer my questions. I can always get an appointment on relatively short notice. I would recommend this practice to anyone.
    January 03, 2017
    by Ashley Fontenot
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About Dr. Anita R. Smith, MD in Atlanta

Dr. Anita R. Smith, MD is located at 2255 Cumberland Parkway Southeast #1400a, Atlanta, Georgia.